W.J. Hooker's Imantophyllum miniatum.

Shortly after John Lindley published his description of Vallota ? miniata, William Jackson Hooker came up with his "Imantophyllum? miniatum" in Curtis's Botanical Magazine 80: t. 4783, on 1st May 1854. A month later, on the 1st June 1854, Hooker published a note indicating that the question mark originally inserted was what can be described as a sphalma typographicum (a printer's error - sfalma (sphalma) = error - Gr.), and it was not his intention to have it published.

Below are the 4 pages of the original publication of Imantophyllum miniatum

Plate 4785, a plate of the orchid species Coelogyne testacea, was published on the 1st June 1854. It was followed by a description which had at its end a piece of open space, in which Hooker published the following short note:

It is obvious from this that the question mark should not be included in any reference to this work - and I will make a point of deleting it wherever I have made mention of it.
The reference to this would be: Hooker, W.J. 1854a. At Tab. 4782 .... . Curtis's Botanical Magazine 80: sub. t. 4785.

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