A lecture.
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Here I present most of the slides that were shown in conjunction with my lecture on "The heritage of the Blackbeards" at the Clivia Conference on Tuesday 21st September 2010. As I do not have much bandwidth available, I have halved the size of the actual images shown at the Conference, and the quality is a bit iffy, but that is the price I pay for operating from a cheap website. The entire presentation is about 1.2Mbytes in all, despite as much compression having been applied as possible.
The verbage of the lecture itself is available as popups elicited by placing one's mouse over the 'COMMENTARY' "links" available on each page. If possible do not click on these 'COMMENTARY' links as they will bump your page around the place. Some of the popups which are large do not open properly on the upper 'COMMENTARY' link and have to be accessed from the 'COMMENTARY' link below the image. If you get into trouble, use the BACK button of your browser, and if you are in Full Screen, use Cont Alt Del to get out.
The links above and below the image allow one to navigate around the website. BACK will take you to the previous page seen; HOME will bring you to this page; the arrows allow you to go forward and backward through the series of slides; COMMENTARY shows you the associated text; and the X will close the page.
I do not have permission to mount the Letty paintings of the Blackbeard Clivias on my site, so they are absent, but the attached notes are still available.

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If you place your mouse pointer over this link, a tool tip window will come up giving you the text that was delivered in conjunction with the slide shown.