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Orchids, especially those of the genus Cymbidium, have long been of interest to me. On this simple Website, I present some of my thoughts on this subject, mostly those that have been published in various periodicals over the years. This site will hopefully develop into something useful in the course of time.

Some of my writing is published in The McAllen International Orchid Society Journal, and some of these articles can be seen on the MIOS Website. Visit to see this part of my body of work.

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The Real Jean Brummitt

The Breeding History of Cymbidium Pauwelsii 'Comte de Hemptinne'

Cymbidium tracyanum

Stomatal guard cell measurements

Notes on the pollination of Cymbidium floribundum

Some Thoughts on Albescent Cymbidiums

On Considering Conservation

Sexual Self-incompatibility in the genus Cymbidium

Cymbidium Culture Notes

African Hawk Moths and African Orchids

Orchid Seed and Polarised Light

My first "Orchid Document"

Dr. Georges van Son,
Pioneer S.A. Orchid Grower

Cymbidium zaleskianum

In Vitro Orchid media

Computer Latin for Botany

Johnnie Kloppers - Orchids of the Witwatersrand