Ted Schelpe on Georges van Son

In a fine article which summarised the Orchid Growing scene in South Africa, written as a promotional piece for the (then) coming 10th WOC of 1981, Ted Schelpe briefly mentioned Georges van Son.
This article was published in the Orchid Review, 89(1047): 6 - 7, January 1981. It has the following to say:
Seedlings had been raised asymbiotically by Dr. van Son, a Pretoria entomologist, in the early 1940's..... In 1943, van Son registered the first orchid hybrid raised in South Africa, Blc. Comtesse Kamarowsky (Blc. Viscountesse x Bc. Corrientes).
It is surprising that Schelpe, who was usually a careful worker, would have got the date wrong (it should be 1953). Also, this was not the first South African orchid hybrid registered; one of the two Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum-hybrids registered by van Son in 1952 would have carried this honour.
This appears to be the only mention of van Son in the entire run of the Orchid Review, from its beginning in 1893 up to 2002 (which is as far as my index goes), aside from the obvious publication of his name in association with the eight orchid hybrids he registered.